Yamaha THR10 Desktop Practice Guitar Amp Combo

The Yamaha THR10 Desktop Practice Guitar Amp Combo houses everything you need in one amp. It delivers the sound you are looking for from an off stage amp and recording interface. The stunning speaker enclosure is not only stylish but is designed to handle both guitar and stereo playback sounds offering a true hi-fi stereo sound. Its compact design makes it possible to play anywhere and is bundled with Cubase AI Steinbergs professional music production application that offers full-fledged recording and editing. The Yamaha THR10 Sounds great at low volume so you can play right through the night! With a USB and AUX jack it can provide stereo playback straight from your computer or smartphone. You can save up to five amp settings with the user memory function to switch between settings easily.

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About Modeling Guitar Amplifiers

Modeling guitar amplifiers are designed to emulate another guitar amplifier design, normally they are based on vintage valve guitar amps. Buying a modeling guitar amplifier opens up a guitar player to lots of classic guitar amplifier sounds and set ups, without the need to buy lots of different guitar amps and effects. The technology involved to achieve this involves complicated digital circuitry and software that has been programmed into the integrated circuits that are used within the circuit. This involves programming in the sonic characteristics of many the classic guitar amps. These are then made available to the guitarist by using a selector switch on the control panel. This changes the shape of the output sound to match the classic amp design.

The Yamaha THR range of modeling guitar amplifiers have been designed to allow guitarists to experience the sounds from high powered amplifiers during practice at home. Practice guitar amps have a lower output meaning they can be used in a home environment without the need for higher output volumes.

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