YUMAGOLD YG-40T Blues Deluxe Valve Guitar Amp (40W)

Review the YUMAGOLD YG-40T Blues Deluxe Valve Guitar Amplifier, 40W of vintage blues guitar tone from a hand made guitar amp. The YUMAGOLD YG-40T is a clone of the famous Fender Blues Deluxe guitar amplifier built using modern manufacturing practices to maximise performance and reliability. This classic valve guitar amplifier has a 40W output with a vintage clean and crunch vibe. The circuit board is turrent style with hand wired and soldered components. This 40w guitar amplifier combo has a speaker cabinet covered in vintage tweed and has an all valve circuit design with 2x 6L6 matched valves and 4 x 12AX7 pre-amplifier valves.

The YUMAGOLD YG-40T Blues Deluxe Valve Guitar Amplifier has vintage blues guitar tones and is made for those blues guitarists who want that 50s guitar tone. The YUMAGOLD YG-40T is also perfect for Jazz, Country and Rock players going from crystal cleans to wide open USA tone. Use a tubescreamer guitar pedal to drive the preamplifier harder and you step into warm distortion and fuzz with tones of sustain.

YUMAGOLD YG-40T – Jazz, Country, Blues and Rock

By adjusting the tone controls and volume setting the YUMAGOLD YG-40T can go from crystal cleans to a dirty crunch sound perfect for Jazz, Country, Blues and Rock. Built to the same design circuits as the vintage tweed amps of the 50s and 60s. The YG-40T is big, loud and proud and will make your guitar performance stand out in the crowd.

YG-40T : Blues Deluxe Valve Guitar Amplifier
YG-40T : Blues Deluxe Valve Guitar Amplifier

The YG-40T Blues Deluxe Valve Guitar Amplifier, this high quality YUMAGOLD guitar amplifier is based on the vintage Fender Blues Deluxe guitar amplifier and has a classic sound and tone. The amplifier has a classic tweed finish and includes 2 x 12″ Celestion speakers. Input is via 4 sockets (2 x Normal, 2 x Bright). This classic guitar amplifier circuit was launched in 1950’s and has been used by many famous guitarists to create the memorable sounds of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and is still used in the studio and on stage today. 


  • Handwired turret board construction with all tube circuit design.
  • 4 inputs: 2 normal and 2 Bright
  • Volume, Presence, Bass and Treble controls.
  • 40 watts power output.
  • Power Circuit = 2 x 6L6 tubes
  • Pre-Amp Circuit = 4 x 12AX7 tubes
  • Rectifier Circuit = 1 x 5U4G rectifier tube
  • Supplied with 2 X Celestion Vintage Speaker.
  • Dimension: 62*25*59.5cm
  • Weight: 27 KGS


YG-40T : Blues Deluxe Valve Guitar Amplifier
YG-40T : Blues Deluxe Valve Guitar Amplifier

The YUMAGOLD range of tube guitar amplifiers includes many design styles and model types. We can also provide a custom design service to create the guitar amplifier of your sonic dreams. Use the menu bar and search feature to review the full range of YUMAGOLD valve guitar amps. To discuss our range of hand made valve guitar amplifiers use the Contact Form in the menu bar.

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