YUMAGOLD YGB-30T Blues Valve Guitar Amp Combo (30W)

The YUMAGOLD YGB-30T Blues Valve Guitar Amp Combo was designed for blues guitar players who want that vintage blues overdrive tone. This 30W all tube guitar amplifier includes a spring reverb. The YUMAGOLD YGB-30T has a vintage guitar amp circuit design with 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp tubes and 2 x 6L6 matched power output tubes. The hand wired circuit provides a clean 30W output into a single 12″ Celestion Eminence Speaker, crank up the gain and you are into sweet, warm, blues guitar territory. This iconic and retro design valve guitar amplifier is designed around classic vintage tube amp circuitry and will give you a range of settings to create a wide number of classic guitar sounds and to compliment any playing styles. Perfect for Blues, Rock, Jazz and Country the YUMAGOLD YGB-30T is built to a high standard using specially selected components and hand wiring.

This is a classic, boutique valve guitar amplifier, hand made, to order.

YUMAGOLD YGB-30T Blues Guitar Tones

The YGB-30T Blues Guitar Valve Amplifier has a great sound and power output. Using the optional FAT switch the mid and low tones are boosted to thicken the sound when playing either clean or dirty. Great for solo, rhythm and lead work. This is the big brother of the YGB-15T Vintage Valve Amp which has a 15w output and includes a Tremolo effect.

YGB-30T - Blues Guitar Valve Amplifier with Spring Reverb, 30W
Yuma Gold Blues-30 Valve Amplifier

The YGB-30T is perfect for home, recording and gigs. The robust design will stand the test of time and provide reliable performance year after year. There is a single input socket and the controls include Gain, FAT, Treble, Bass, Middle, Volume, Reverb & Presence. There are two additional sockets – pre-amp out to connect to a mixer or another amp input and a power amp in socket to allow connection of the speaker to other amplifiers and equipment. The spring reverb has an adjustable presence setting. By experimenting with the controls a wide range of classic blues rock sounds can be created.


  • This classic all tube guitar amplifier design has a single input and gives 30 watt output into a Celestion 7080 speaker. Controls include Gain, Fat Switch, Treble, Bass, Middle, Volume, Reverb & Presence. Additional features include Standby switch, Preamp Out and Power Amp in sockets.
  • Tube Complement: 3 x 12AX7 pre-amplifier tube and 2 x 6L6GC power tubes
  • Size and Weight: 58.9*30.8*53.8, 19.2KG


YGB-30T - Blues Guitar Valve Amplifier with Spring Reverb, 30W
Yuma Gold Blues-30 Valve Amplifier
YGB-30T - Blues Guitar Valve Amplifier with Spring Reverb, 30W
Yuma Gold Blues-30 Valve Amplifier

The YUMA GOLD range of guitar tube amplifiers includes many design styles and model types. We can also provide a custom design service to create the amplifier of your dreams. View Complete Valve Amplifier Range To discuss our range of hand made valve amplifiers use the Contact Form.

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