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YUMAGOLD YG-20T Valve Amplifier - vintage tube guitar amps

The YUMAGOLD Valve Guitar Amplifier Collection has been created with the goal of creating a series of high quality tube amplifiers for both amateur and professional guitar players to enjoy. All YUMAGOLD valve amplifiers are based on classic valve amplifier circuits of the 1950’s and 1960’s and manufactured to modern standards for maximum performance and reliability. Our all tube combo guitar amplifiers have a great sound quality and classic valve amplifier tone.

The current YUMAGOLD range includes five vintage all tube guitar amplifiers which are hand made to order and available to be shipped Worldwide. We also offer a custom design shop service to create your own custom valve guitar amplifier design.

Vintage Tube Guitar Amplifiers

Valve amplifiers produce the quality of sound, and tone, that the electric guitar was built on. Some of the greatest songs were produced by guitarists using small practice valve guitar amplifiers – from Chuck Berry to Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and beyond. This is why vintage valve guitar amplifiers are the choice of most professional guitarists who crave that classic 50s valve amp tone and harmonics. Our valve combo guitar amplifiers are hand made and are available to be customised to your own specification.

Yumagold valve guitar amplifiers are designed by Andrew Munro who has been working on these electronic circuits since the late 70s. This is what Andy Munro says about his passion for valve amplifier design –

I started my career as a design engineer, mainly designing audio products. I was also keen to design new effects units and amplifiers to use with my own electric guitar at home. Back in the mid 1970’s my uncle had an old WEM Dominator valve amplifier which he lent to me and I used this with a Gibson 335 to learn to play. The sound created by the valve amp was great when compared to my own solid state practice amplifier. At the time I could not afford to buy a new valve amplifier so I started to buy up old faulty valve amps to repair and I decided to create my own. I analyzed the existing brands like Watkins, Selmer and VOX and used them as a benchmark. With constant tweaking I was able to create my own “valve” sound. I have been able to realise my ambition of designing and selling my own range of valve amplifiers”

Yuma Gold Valve Amplifier Collection
Yuma Gold Valve Amplifier Collection

The Current YUMAGOLD Valve Guitar Amplifier Range

    • YG-5T practice valve guitar amp
      • This great sounding 5W tweed practice amplifier is perfect for home practice and small gigs. Based on the classic Fender Champ design of 1955 with a clean 5w tube amplifier sound, no bells and whistles just a nice clean tube tone via a single volume, single tone control and one channel input.
    • YG-20T vintage valve guitar amp
      • This Fender 5E3 clone has a 20w output and is perfect for gigs, recording and practice sessions. With a 20W output with 2 power valves and 2 pre-amp valves a nice clean sound is possible. 2 channels, normal and bright, with 2 inputs on each channel. Each channel has a separate volume control. There is also a tone control.
    • YG-40T vintage valve amp
      • This Fender Blues Deluxe clone has a 40w output. This classic tweed guitar amplifier has a handwired turret board construction, all valve circuit, 2 x matched 6L6 output tubes, 4 x 12AX7 preamp valves and a 2 x 5U4G rectifier valves. Input is via two normal and two bright guitar sockets. Sound adjustment is via control knobs for volume, treble, bass and presence. The tweed covered cabinet features 2 high quality Celestion vintage 30 speakers
    • YG-Blues 15T – valve guitar amp
      • This amplifier includes tube style overdrive gain, master volume, tremolo, reverb and presence controls. Designed around the old amps of the 50’s with a 15w output.
    • YG-Blues 30T – valve guitar amp
      • The big daddy of the yumagold guitar amp range. This 30w valve combo guitar amp has a beautiful tube tone with built in reverb. Perfect for gigs and band practice.

YGB-30T Specification

This is the Technical specification of the YGB-30T as an example of our vintage valve guitar amplifier designs.

  • Hand wired turret board construction all tube circuit.
  • Output: 30 watts into 8 ohms
  • Tube Complement: 3 x 12AX7 tubes ; 2 x 6L6GC tubes
  • Controls: Gain, Fat Switch, Treble, Bass, Middle, Volume, Reverb, Presence
  • Features: Fat, Reverb, Presence, Preamp Out, Power Amp in
  • Speaker : 12″ Celestion
  • Dimensions : 58.9*30.8*53.8, 19.2KG

How to Buy YumaGold valve amplifiers

The YUMAGOLD vintage valve guitar amps are hand made to order and are not available to buy from the web store. To find out more and to place an order please use the contact form.

Valve Guitar Amplifier History Explained

WEM Dominator valve amplifier
WEM Dominator valve amplifier.

Guitar amplifiers using Vacuum Tubes or Valves as they are known in Europe have a unique tone and sound quality. In the early days of electric guitars players would take old radio players and plug their guitars in to gain extra volume when playing live. Back in the 50’s companies realised the potential market and started manufacturing amplifiers for guitars and making them available cheaply to a mass market.

These first, small, 5W to 10W, practice valve guitar amplifiers are now sought after collectors items. In the 70’s with the design of cheap silicone transistors companies started to drop the old valve designs as transistors were cheaper and smaller reducing manufacturing costs.

Some brands, like Marshall Guitar Amps, continued building valve amplifiers and the market spawned a number of custom or boutique guitar amplifier brands like RIVERA, SOLDANO and MESA-BOOGIE. Top professional guitar players continued to use valve amplifiers with some now owning classic models. Valve guitar amplifiers have shaped the tone and musical styles of famous players like Chuck Berry, Brian May (Queen), Jimmy Page (Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin), Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and Eric Clapton (Cream). Jimmy Page used a 15W Supro Valve Guitar Amp on many Led Zeppelin studio recordings.

Valve guitar amplifiers were used to create the great guitar riffs that are heard and copied today by guitar players around the world. Using a valve guitar amplifier you can create amazing tones from Clean Californian, Country, Jazz, Blues, Rock and British heavy metal sounds.

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