Yuma Gold Products

The YUMAGOLD product range includes the design, manufacture and sale of YUMAGOLD branded musical instrument gear including valve guitar amps, custom guitar effects and high spec replacement amplifier valves. These products are manufactured to our own design specifications with traditional circuitry manufactured using modern construction methods to ensure maximum reliability.

The YUMAGOLD Mission.

Our goal is to create exciting new products with reliability and exceptional performance designed in.

YUMAGOLD Valve Guitar Amplifiers

We have our own range of custom made valve guitar amplifiers available to ship Worldwide. The range includes 5 standard models and we offer a custom mod shop to help you to create a total unique design with a custom sound tailored to your needs. Our hand-made valve guitar amplifiers are designed to replicate the original tones of the vintage 50s and 60s amplifiers that created so many classic hit songs. The circuitry is hand wired and we will use modern manufacturing processes to ensure maximum reliability.

Yuma Gold Valve Amplifiers
YUMAGOLD Valve Guitar Amplifiers

Use this link to read more about our unique range of YUMAGOLD valve guitar amplifiers – how they are designed, manufactured and how to buy.

If you have an idea of the type of amplifier you are interested in here are the individual links.

YUMAGOLD Effects Units and Pedals

We are currently working on a new range of custom made guitar effect pedals and these will be launched soon. Currently the only effect we have on sale is the YUMAGOLD Tube Reverb Unit.

Tube Reverb (Surf Sound Effect)
YUMAGOLD 63R Tube Reverb (recreate the original Surf Sound)

The YUMAGOLD tube reverb has been designed using all valve technology and is a clone of the original Fender 63 tube reverb as used by guitar players to create the unique 60’s Surf Sound. Players like Dick Dale created a generation of music using this type of effect.

Read more about the YUMAGOLD 63R Tube Reverb Unit.

Custom Guitar Amplifier Valves

We are working with a major manufacturer of guitar amplifier valves to launch our own range. These will be specially selected for performance, reliability and tone. The valves will be available to replace existing valves to mod and upgrade existing guitar amplifiers.

Yuma Gold 6V6GT Guitar Amplifier Valve
The new Yuma Gold 6V6GT Guitar Amplifier Valve

Read more about the YUMAGOLD guitar amplifier valves.

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