ZT Lunchbox Junior Guitar Amplifier 35W Combo

The ZT Lunchbox Junior Guitar Amplifier is the Worlds smallest professional guitar amp, with a hugh sound, and the choice of professional guitar players. The Lunchbox Junior is an ultra-compact guitar amp, half the size and weight of the standard ZT Lunchbox amp, yet still has a rich tone and large volume. Power is via a wall plug, car adapter or battery pack. There is also a 9V out to power your effect pedals. At 35W the ZT Lunchbox Junior does not have the ZT Lunchbox high power output but has plenty of power for most situations. This is the ultimate guitar amplifier for jazz players perfect for gigs, recording and home use.  The controls include volume, tone, gain and take you from warm and mellow to pure overdrive bliss. , its just an all-around fun amp.

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About ZT Amplification and Lunchbox Guitar Amps

ZT Amplification, based in California USA, specialise in designing and manufacturing small, powerful, lunchbox sized guitar amplifiers. These boutique guitar amps have gained a reputation among professional guitarists and can be seen being used at many concerts and in video streams. The lunchbox range are small guitar amplifiers that pack a punch. There are various models to review and consider in the ZT lunchbox guitar amp range and including extension speaker cabinets. ZT Amplification also have a custom shop with a recent addition to the range being the Jazz Club. This is a modern combo guitar amplifier with a 12″ speaker and up to 220 watts of power. Designed with, and for, jazz guitarists, offering a clean, natural, uncolored sound that weighs just 25 pounds (about 10kg). Easy to transport and an elegant, midnight blue finish.

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